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  Category: Educational | Posted: 2022-01-17 
Way out of unemployment through technology by Abiodun Sanusi

The co-founder of RootHub, Tony Onuk, tells ABIODUN SANUSI about his business, childhood and other issues

Tell us about your background.

Growing up with my three siblings was fun. While growing up in Lagos State in the late 1980s, I had friends from almost every tribe in the country, and that helped  me to have a healthy dose of curiosity about the world.

As a student of St. Gregory’s College, Obalende, Lagos, who also lived in the Yaba area of the state, it was more like a position of ‘best of two worlds’. That also shaped my mindset about the different types of people there are.


What are your fond childhood memories and did any of them influence your career choice?

I remember quite vividly around 1992 and 1993 when my late father travelled and returned with computers. He stated that that was the future as it was powering the activities of countries abroad. You can imagine the excitement of me and my twin brother as we tried to navigate the workings of the new ‘toy’. I can give that credit for shaping my career path as I had friends in school who also had computers and we exchanged floppy diskettes of games and things we had done. Around 1999, I was introduced to the Internet in my friend’s house, who had a computer room complete with a fax and printer. His house was like heaven to us, his friends, as we spent countless hours after school exploring the web and ultimately racked up huge telephone bills for his dad. Around this time, my aunt took me and my brother to the American Consulate where they had a library with books donated by the American people. There, we found a book titled, How Cartoons are Made, which is regarded as the ‘animation bible’, and that started our journey in wanting to become animators... Continue reading